Child and Senior Dentistry

Child Dentistry

When is it a good time to bring a child to the dentist?

The earlier the better, here at Care Dental we give advice about diets effecting healthy tooth growth and effective tooth brushing. We recommend to bring young children along to mum and dad's or older siblings appointment so they have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the environment and become comfortable enough to receive treatment in the future if needed.

Once children reaches the ages around 9 or 10 years old, or once they have developed their four upper and lower adult teeth, regular X-Rays are needed to identify any possible problems or issues early and have the correct treatment to fix these issues, especially in regards to the development of the dentition and how crowded teeth can get.


Senior Dentistry


During older years people need patience, understanding and kindness. We appreciate our older patients and take the time to determine and explain to them and there carers the best possible treatment options that suits there individual case and lifestyle.

Many find that they need partial or full dentures which we provide as one of our standard procedures.